From Bland to Brilliance: Art-Inspired Rental Revamp

From Bland to Brilliance: Art-Inspired Rental Revamp

December 23, 2023

Ditch the Beige, Embrace Brilliance: Art-Inspired Rental Revamp that Pays Off

Forget the beige walls and tired furniture! Casa Rooms has breathed new life into property P5821, transforming it from a simple, modern 3-bedroom short-term rental into an art-infused haven that’s sure to wow our guests and boost bookings. This revamp wasn’t just about paint and pillows; it’s about injecting personality, excitement, and a touch of magic into the property, all thanks to the power of our art-inspired design approach. That’s the magic of our art-inspired rental revamp  and it’s powered by our in-house artist and property manager wiz, Sara Orsini.

Meet Sara Orsini: Artistry Meets Management

Sara isn’t just our property manager; she’s a Fine Art graduate and tattoo artist with a knack for transforming spaces. Her passion for bold lines and vibrant colours shines through in P5821, where she’s created distinct atmospheres that cater to different tastes and preferences.

The Transformation

This apartment received a major facelift in just one week, sandwiched between bookings. We needed speed and efficiency. Modern was the goal, but with a twist. Traditional canvases wouldn’t fit the tight schedule, so we embraced an alternative: picture frames with plastic fronts became our unconventional art boards. Sara, inspired by tattoo artistry, used markers to directly draw on them, her lines echoing the delicate precision of etching tattoos. Mo Ganji’s minimalist style and Expanded Eye’s storytelling served as her muses, woven into the very fabric of the room.

But the magic didn’t stop there! A brand-new headboard wooden pallet added a touch of rustic charm, while pops of colour from carefully chosen accessories and bed blankets brought the whole space to life. This wasn’t just an apartment upgrade ; it was a testament to creative problem-solving and a love for repurposing.

The Secret Sauce:

These touch-ups were fast, budget-friendly, and pack a powerful punch.

  • Reimagine furniture with paint, cushions, and strategic throws. Headboards crafted from wooden pallet? Consider it done!
  • Embrace colour strategically. A splash of bold hue can instantly energize a space. We love playful patterns and unexpected accents.
  • Add personality with repurposed treasures. Old suitcases as side tables, vintage crates as storage – let your imagination run wild.
  • Stage the space to perfection. Declutter, rearrange, and bring in fresh greenery for inviting vignettes.
  • Capture the magic with stunning new photos. Our lens will showcase your rental’s newfound personality and charm.


The Results?

  • Boosted bookings: Guests are drawn to unique spaces with personality. Our upgrades will make your rental irresistible.
  • Faster turnovers: A fresh, inviting space gets booked faster.
  • Higher rental rates: Guests are willing to pay more for a place that feels special. Our magic touch can boost your revenue.

Unleash the Artistic Potential of Your Rental:

Don’t let your short-term rental blend into the background. Casa Rooms offers a variety of art-inspired design packages to suit your budget and target audience. Our team of experts, including Sara, will handle everything, from concept to execution, ensuring a stress-free and profitable transformation.


Ready to attract new guests, boost bookings, and watch your property stand out? Contact Casa Rooms today and discover how our unique blend of property management and artistic vision can turn your rental into a booking magnet!

Remember, Casa Rooms: Where short-term rentals meet artistic masterpieces and profitable success.


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1- How much does an art-inspired revamp cost on my rental?

The cost depends on factors like space size, chosen theme, and customization level. We offer a range of packages to fit different budgets, so contact us for a free quote.

2- Can I choose the artistic theme for my rental?

Absolutely! We collaborate with you to understand your property and target audience to find the perfect theme. Sara can also adapt her style to match your preferences.

3- How long does an art-inspired rental revamp take?

The timeline varies based on the project’s complexity, but we aim to minimize disruption and complete the enhancement within a reasonable timeframe.

4- Will my guests appreciate the revamp?

Studies show that guests increasingly seek unique and memorable experiences. Our art-infused spaces consistently receive positive feedback, highlighting the impact on guest satisfaction and booking rates.

5- What’s included in your property management services?

We go beyond just collecting rent and overseeing maintenance. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to optimize your property performance, including marketing, guest communication, financial management, legal compliance, and even From Bland to Brilliance: art-Inspired Rental revamp like the one at P5821. This holistic approach ensures your property is well-maintained, attractive to guests, and generating optimal revenue.

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