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Property Management: Casa Rooms HomePage

Welcome to Casa Rooms


Cecil Mc Carthy & Michael Bonello - Property Management

Cecil Mc Carthy & Michael Bonello


Welcome to Casa Rooms, a prestigious hospitality and property management company based in Malta. Founded by Thomas Cremona in 2012 , with the primary objective to provide unmatched experiences to the tenants and guests.

Since then, we strive to offer property owners the peace of mind that comes with having a professional team safeguard their rental investments, whether it’s for short or long rental leases.

Our dedicated team consists of highly skilled individuals who are unwavering in their commitment to realizing our company’s vision and mission statement each day. We take pride in effectively relieving property owners and landlords of any concerns, allowing them to enjoy exceptional peace of mind while maximizing the potential of their rental property investment.

Furthermore, as of 2023, we have expanded our property management services across Malta, Gozo, and the recently added island of Sicily.

Start experiencing the exceptional peace of mind by joining Casa Rooms today!


Our Approach


With our extensive financial expertise, combined with 14 years of real estate experience and a strong IT knowledge, we offer our clients exceptional value that sets us apart from the competition. Our comprehensive range of services goes beyond the norm, including financial forecasting, revenue analysis, and insightful guidance.

But we don’t stop there. We also provide turnkey services to ensure that your properties are always in optimal condition. From maintenance and repairs to improvements and enhancements, we handle every aspect with meticulous care, ensuring top-notch quality.

Our ultimate goal is to not just meet, but exceed your expectations. With our property management services covering Malta, Gozo, and Sicily, we are committed to delivering an outstanding experience for property owners and landlords in these regions.

Entrust Casa Rooms to provide you with unparalleled service and superior results today!


Who We Are


Casa Rooms underwent a significant change in 2021 as it came under new management. The company’s ownership was recently merged with the expertise of Michael Bonello, CEO of Alliance Real Estate, and Cecil McCarthy, co-founder and director of Island Properties real estate brand, along with the hospitality company Rooms Malta. This collaboration has solidified Casa Rooms’ leadership position in the Maltese market and allowed it to cater to the growing demand for property management services on the island.

Casa Rooms leverages its extensive knowledge and experience in property management to position itself for ongoing growth and success. Also, our partnership delivers a superior level of service, exceeding previous offerings, assuring property owners of a dedicated professional team safeguarding their rental investments.

Casa Rooms operates on its own fully integrated platform, equipped with a cloud-based booking system, accounting system, maintenance planner, and a skilled staff complement. Furthermore, this comprehensive infrastructure makes us the perfect choice for anyone in need of top-notch property management services within the island of Malta, Gozo and Sicily.