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Long Term Rentals: A Comprehensive Guide to Hassle-Free Property Management

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on long term rentals (LTR), designed to make property management effortless and rewarding. At Casa Rooms, we understand the unique challenges property owners face when offering LTR. Our tailored solutions address these challenges head-on, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring a seamless experience for your tenants. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the intricacies of long let property management, from property evaluation and maintenance to handling bureaucracy and marketing your rental.

  • Property Valuation Services

Property valuation is a critical part of property management. It involves determining the value of your property based on various factors such as location, condition, and market trends. At Casa Rooms, our property valuation services help you understand the true value of your property and make informed decisions about pricing and what marketing strategy to use.

  • Property Assessment and Quality Assurance

One of the crucial steps in our long let services is Property Assessment and Quality Assurance. Our team conducts thorough assessments to determine your property’s condition and readiness for LTR. We follow strict standards to ensure that your property meets the necessary quality and safety benchmarks. Regular property visits, typically once a month, allow us to keep a close eye on its condition, occupancy, and maintenance needs.

  • Maximizing Returns with Local Real Estate Insights

In our commitment to delivering top-notch long let services, we collaborate closely with local real estate professionals. Our strategy revolves around obtaining the most accurate market value assessments before listing your property. This approach ensures that your rental property is competitively priced and ready to yield optimal returns. By actively engaging with local experts, we stay ahead in the dynamic real estate market, keeping our services efficient and results-driven for property owners. Our proactive approach sets us apart, and we’re dedicated to maximizing the potential of your investment while minimizing passive processes in our operations.

  • Routine Maintenance: Removing the Burden from Owners

Maintenance matters, especially in LTR. We go beyond routine checks and take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to emergencies. With our services, property problems come to us, not you. From malfunctioning water heaters to leaky pipes and faulty key locks, we handle it all promptly. Our goal is to ensure that your property remains in top-notch condition, minimizing disruptions for your tenants.

Streamlined Bureaucracy: Staying Compliant and Hassle-Free

Navigating the bureaucratic aspects of LTR can be overwhelming. At Casa Rooms, we simplify this process by registering long let properties with the Housing Authority and tenants with ARMS (Automated Revenue Management Services) via the Form H, as required by law. We also oversee rent, water, and electricity bill payments, ensuring that everything is up to date.

Strategic Marketing: Maximizing Your Rental’s Potential

Our expertise extends beyond property management; we take a comprehensive approach to ensure your LTR’s maximum visibility and appeal. We work closely with local agents to assess your property’s availability. By providing them with high-quality photos and detailed property descriptions, we empower them to present your rental effectively to their extensive client database. This strategic approach ensures that your LTR stands out among the sea of options, attracting tenants consistently.

Ready to Simplify Long Term Property Management?

If you’re ready to take the hassle out of long term property management and ensure a stress-free experience for both you and your tenants, Casa Rooms is here to help. Contact us today to explore our tailored long let services and embark on a journey towards effortless property management in Malta.


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What are long let services, and how do they differ from short term rentals (STR)?

Long let services cater to tenants seeking extended stays, typically six months or more. Unlike STR, they offer greater stability and are subject to different regulations.

What services are included in extended property maintenance?

Our extended property maintenance services encompass routine checks, emergency support, and prompt issue resolution, ensuring a hassle-free experience for property owners.

How does Casa Rooms handle bureaucracy in long let services?

We handle property registration with the Housing Authority, tenant registration with ARMS, and ensure timely rent and utility bill payments, keeping you compliant and worry-free.

What marketing strategies does Casa Rooms employ for long term rentals?

We advise local agents regarding your property’s availability, providing them with professional photos and detailed property descriptions. These agents, with their extensive client databases, initiate property viewings, further enhancing your rental’s appeal.

In addition to collaborating with local agents, Casa Rooms adopts a multifaceted marketing approach. We actively engage with potential tenants by attracting direct clients who visit our office or reach out to us through our various social media platforms and user-friendly website.

How can I get started with Casa Rooms’ long let services?

To simplify your long term property management and enjoy a stress-free experience for both you and your tenants, contact us today. Let’s discuss your needs and explore our tailored long let solutions.