Casa Rooms property management specialises in positioning your property to give optimal rental results. Our exclusive property management services provide property owners with a tailor-made three-year plan supported by excellent customer service, open and transparent terms and conditions, and value-for-money in all that relates to your Property.

Our methodology

Our methodology considers your Property’s potential for revenue generation and is proven to provide value-for-money.  We are pleased to announce that our methodology has shown that many properties can generate an additional earnings of over €2,000 per annum.

Our pricing is designed to create a win-win situation. We apply our knowledge of the market to ensure you earn an optimal return on your rental investment.

Prior to accepting a Property on the Casa Rooms portfolio, each Property is analysed to assess the best possible positioning for the Property in the market place.

Enhancing property occupancy rates

We actively manage your property on a number of booking engines including Airbnb to enhance your occupancy rates

We set up a 3 year financial plan

We set up a 3-year financial plan for the property and issue a monthly report on the property’s performance ……..

Ongoing maintenance of your property

We take care of all the property maintenance. We carry out regular inspections of the property ……..

We prepare a detailed three-year plan based on the following revenue streams: long-lets, short-lets, a hybrid of short and long lets, or renting the Property on a room-by-room basis. We also take into account whether there is a need for any further capital investment in the Property during the three-year period. In addition, our three-year plan ensures that your Property will be kept in the best possible condition with regular ongoing maintenance.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • a monthly report on Property’s performance;
  • a search for new Tenants and handling of related documentation;
  • collection of rent;
  • provision of maintenance;
  • regularly visiting the Property when not occupied, and carrying out an inspection of the Property and any furniture, fixtures and fittings therein, as may be described by the Owner;
  • carrying out any planned, routine and emergency repairs;
  • reporting, and attending to, any damages to the Property, fixtures, fittings and furniture;
  • checking all services including water pipes and drains are in working condition when vacant;
  • liaison with any condominium association on Owner’s behalf;
  • reporting of any water-related damage to the Property, faults, or criminal acts to the Authorities and insurance;
  • taking care of any outdoor conservation including landscaping, gardening and swimming pool maintenance, if required;
  • we also have a luggage storage facility available at our offices in Valletta;
  • other support as requested by Owner.

Why Us? Why Casa Rooms’ Team?

– We provide our property owners with an optimised return on their rental investments

– Backed up with a professional team with a solid financial background we assist property owners seeking property management services in Malta

– We provide property owners with a tailor-made plan and financial projections

– We have open and transparent terms and conditions 

– We offer a 24/7 availability for any queries put forward by guests

– Casa Rooms also offer a key code check in system, allowing the guests more flexibility with their arrival time for an improved service and customer experience

– We also have a luggage storage facility available