Artful Property Management by Casa Rooms: Christmas Market Showcase

Artful Property Management by Casa Rooms: Christmas Market Showcase

November 24, 2023

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Discover Casa Rooms’ Artful Property Management at the Christmas Market. Explore Unique Paintings and Creative Solutions.

Casa Rooms, your dedicated property management partner in Malta, Gozo, and Sicily, takes pride in the fusion of efficiency and artistry. Our team, led by the skilled artist and interior designer, Sara Orsini Casalena, goes beyond conventional property management. Join us at the Annual Christmas Market, where Casa Rooms unveils five uniquely crafted paintings, a testament to our commitment to artful property solutions.

Efficient Property Solutions

Casa Rooms excels in providing efficient property solutions across the picturesque landscapes of Malta, Gozo, and Sicily. With a focus on optimizing spaces and enhancing property values, our expertise extends beyond the conventional, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Sara’s Creative Journey

Sara Orsini Casalena, a vital member of the Casa Rooms team, embarks on a creative journey that began with earning a Fine Art degree in Italy. Her relocation to Malta five years ago brought a fresh perspective, integrating diverse creative passions. Sara serves dual roles as an interior designer and project manager, contributing to Casa Rooms’ unique approach to property management.

Versatility in Artistic Expression

Sara’s versatility extends from fine art to tattoo artistry, exemplifying a diverse creative passion that adds a unique touch to Casa Rooms’ projects. This versatility is not only evident in her artistic endeavors but also in the innovative solutions she brings to property design.

Annual Christmas Market Extravaganza

Join Casa Rooms at the Annual Christmas Market, a delightful event featuring a Nutcracker theme at the Hill Top in Naxxar. Organized by the AX group, this event showcases Casa Rooms’ dedication to combining art with property management. Save the date for Sunday, November 26th, and Sunday, December 3rd, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

St. Julians Refurbishment Project

The five paintings on display at the Christmas Market are the result of a recent refurbishment project in the heart of St. Julians. Each painting is intricately designed to reflect the aesthetic choices made during the refurbishment, making them unique additions to any property. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that the fifth painting will be revealed for the first time on the 26th at the Christmas Market. Join us on this special occasion to witness the unveiling of this exclusive masterpiece.


Individual Purchase or Complete Set

These unique paintings are not just for display; they are available for individual purchase or as a complete set. Consider them as excellent Christmas gifts, especially for those who have recently acquired a property. The artistic touch makes them a standout and thoughtful present. To explore pricing details, kindly refer to our price list linked here. Don’t miss the chance to bring a touch of artful elegance to your space this holiday season! Take a look at these photos to see how they appear when staged in various properties.



Engage and Win: Joker Competition

Join our Joker competition on Facebook! Just follow our page, comment your guess for the name of the renowned actress portrayed in the Joker painting on our Facebook post, and you could win a 35% discount when buying any of these 5 paintings.

Artful Interior Design

At Casa Rooms, we believe in harmonizing artful interior design with efficient property management. Guided by Sara Orsini’s creative vision, our projects exemplify the seamless fusion of artistic expression within property solutions. Understanding the pivotal role of staging in presenting properties distinctively, we specialize in crafting unique setups that amplify your property’s visual allure. Our aim is not only to make properties stand out but also to enthrall potential guests/tenants/buyers by ensuring every detail contributes to the overall aesthetic and appeal. With Casa Rooms, witness the transformative influence of artful interior design in creating compelling and captivating spaces.

Get in Touch with Casa Rooms

Ready to explore more artful property solutions? Connect with Casa Rooms for inquiries, purchases, or to discuss your unique property management needs. We are here to provide personalized and creative solutions that go beyond the ordinary.



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How can I purchase the paintings on display? A: You can purchase the paintings individually or as a complete set. Contact Casa Rooms for more information on pricing and availability.

Who is Sara Orsini Casalena, and what is her role at Casa Rooms? A: Sara Orsini Casalena is a skilled artist and interior designer, serving dual roles as a project manager at Casa Rooms. Her creative expertise adds a unique touch to our property management approach.

Can I participate in the Joker Competition if I don’t attend the Christmas Market? A: Absolutely! Our Joker Competition is live on our Facebook page, offering an opportunity for anyone interested in purchasing a painting to join. Just give our page a like, comment the actresses name on the Facebook post, and reach out to us if you’d like to proceed with the purchase.

What makes the paintings unique, and how are they related to a recent refurbishment project? A: The paintings are uniquely crafted as part of a refurbishment project in St. Julians. Each piece reflects the aesthetic choices made during the project, making them distinct and relevant.

How do I get in touch with Casa Rooms for property management inquiries? A: Contact Casa Rooms through our website or reach out to our dedicated team via email or phone for any property management inquiries or to explore our artistic solutions.

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