Property from our management portfolio reaches fame!

Property from our management portfolio reaches fame!

As a property management organisation, we see a lot of people move in and out of our properties. We also see our properties used for several occassions. However, I don’t think we’ve ever seen them in this setting.

In the middle of our morning Instagram scroll, we stumbled across this clip from Lovin’ Malta promoting Czech rapper, PTK‘s latest track featuring none other than Eddie Fresco. Fresco, one of Malta’s rising stars, has been making waves since 2016, kicking off with his contribution in the rap collective, 215Collective and their hit ‘Feel About It.’ Besides this, Eddie Fresco has been working hard to put the island on the map over the course of his career. The release of the music video for ‘VRÁTIT SE ZPÁTKY (GOING BACK)’ is no different. The entire clip is shot on the Maltese Islands, showing the crystal blue seas and a typical house of character. This is where we noticed something interesting…

One of the villas from our property management portfolio featured in the music video!

Did you notice the villa with the luxurious pool in the backyard? What about the iconic Maltese limestone walls featured in the clips while they’re on the couches? Yep, that’s one of the properties that Casa Rooms proudly manages!

And guess what? You can relive the moment yourself. The idyllic villa is available for rent through AirBnb – check it out here. You can also look (and feel) as cool as Eddie Fresco and PTK did in their music video by lounging by the pool and the picturesque limestone setting.

We love seeing our clients happy and our properties shine through, so we fully salute PTK and Eddie Fresco for this release! But hey, next time, give us a heads-up in advance or a little shoutout – we love some attention too.

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