Property insurance recommended by property managers

Property insurance recommended by property managers

September 20, 2022

Are you applying for an MTA license for a rental property and require a reliable insurance provider? 


When looking for a dedicated insurance provider for holiday premises, selecting one that meets all the necessary legal requirements is essential. A holiday premise is described as any property rented as accommodation for tourists. Read on to learn about our preferred insurance provider as property managers.


Our team of skilled property managers at Casa Rooms highly recommends the trusted services of England Insurance Agency Ltd. This family-run business is the authorised agent for MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. We already spoke about Malta’s leading insurers in a previous article, particularly our recent collaboration with their ‘Insure and Save‘ loyalty program. Check out the article (if you haven’t already) to learn how you can benefit from up to three months of free property management services with Casa Rooms.


England Insurance offers holiday home insurance that’s compliant with MTA license requirements.


Applying for an MTA (Malta Tourism Authority) license for holiday premises requires meeting several criteria. One of the requirements is the possession of a third-party liability insurance policy. Therefore, this is where a trusted insurance provider comes into play. As property managers for several holiday dwellings across the island, our trained team selects the best service providers. For this reason, Casa Rooms entrusts and recommends England Insurance as reliable providers, compliant with MTA standards.


Get in touch with England Insurance for more information on their insurance policies, or talk to us for more details on our property management services. Also, remember to like us on Facebook to keep updated with the latest news, offers, and property management tips. 

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