Exploring the Maltese and Gozitan Properties on Airbnb

Exploring the Maltese and Gozitan Properties on Airbnb

June 1, 2023

The rising number of properties listed on Airbnb within Malta and Gozo

Malta and Gozo have become increasingly popular tourist destinations, attracting visitors from all corners of the world. Airbnb and similar platforms offer property owners the opportunity to rent out their homes, apartments, and villas to tourists seeking unique accommodations. This article analyzes pre-pandemic statistics of Maltese and Gozitan properties listed on Airbnb, using figures from the Central Bank of Malta. Central Bank of Malta.

The Number of Maltese and Gozitan Properties on Airbnb

In February 2019, the Central Bank of Malta conducted a web scraping exercise that identified approximately 11,100 properties listed on Airbnb in Malta and Gozo. According to this report , Malta alone had around 11,400 active Airbnb listing. Which, most of them are concentrated in popular tourist areas in Malta, such as Sliema, St Julians, Valletta and St. Paul’s Bay. Sliema, has the highest number of listings, followed by St. Paul’s Bay which is known for its beautiful coastline and vibrant atmosphere. Although specific figures for Gozo are unavailable, it’s reasonable to assume a significant number of properties from the sister island are also listed.

The Growth of Airbnb in Malta and Gozo

Several factors contribute to the growth of Airbnb in Malta and Gozo. The platform’s convenience and flexibility for both property owners and travelers have fueled its popularity. Additionally, experiential travel and the demand for authentic local experiences have sparked the desire for unique accommodations, where Airbnb shines.


While specific figures for the current number of Maltese and Gozitan properties listed on Airbnb.com may not be readily available, the 2019 data from the Central Bank of Malta suggests a significant increase in listings in these destinations and others. With thousands listings on the platform, Airbnb has become an integral part of the tourism industry in Malta and Gozo.

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