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Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals

Unlocking Success: Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals If you’re in the vacation rental business, you know how dynamic and competitive the market can be. To stay ahead and maximize your property’s potential, you need a powerful tool in your arsenal[...]

A Very Boutique Offering

Property manager Thomas Cremona analyses the growth of the boutique hotel concept in Malta, and explains the challenges that smaller properties are facing.[...]

Benefits of hiring an experienced Property Manager

The Maltese rental market is currently on a high and should you be considering purchasing a rental property, maximisation of rental earnings will be a prime concern… [...]

How to examine a good Airbnb property manager!

At Casa Rooms we came across this interesting article which we would like to share with you…[...]

Optimising Rental Property Earnings

We are happy to announce that we are hosting our first corporate event: Optimising Rental Property Earnings [...]